Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Film Fest on Main, January 13th

It is almost the second Friday of the new year already (time sure flies), but the good news, local artist will be out for the 2nd Friday Art Walk in Mesa! This months theme is films, so come dressed up as your favorite movie star and catch up on all the movies you have been meaning to watch, so you can show off all your keen movie knowledge in front of the OneOhOne Gallery (festivities start at 8p.m.)

7:30-9p.m. there will be a short film contest located at the OneOhOne Gallery.

As always, GC will be set up in front of the SunDust Gallery ready to sell! Also, Dana will be working on a new picture inside the gallery. Stop by and get a sneak peak of an upcoming piece!

~Art walk starts at 6 p.m.~

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