Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

OK so this past Saturday I went to a Golden Products Demo in Phoenix.....It was actually pretty cool.  The instructor was really fun, as she was talking about different products she would smear them on a clip board and pass it around with a pallet knife so you could see the different textures.  I wanted to go because I use alot of the mediums in my 3 D paintings.   I like that she went over the different properties and why they act the way they do.  It wasn't just here's what we offer so now go buy it.   I have to admit there was one paint that just blew me away.....interferon violet!    you can use it by itself or mix it with another color and you tilt the painting one way and you don't notice it but you tilt it the other way and BAM there it is!   this bright violet.   I had to buy some.     when the demo was over they gave out some really nice sample bags.   there were two texture mediums that I actually wanted to try but was hesitant to buy them.  I wasn't sure if they would give the dimension I like.   so of course over the weekend I started a new Dia De Los Muertos painting with my new blue paint and fiber paste.   I am happy with how it is working.  I will have the painting for sale on Friday at the Gilbert Art Walk.    Over all I think the videos that I watched on their website were really good but would highly recommend going to one of the demos.  there is nothing like seeing it all in person.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty cool medium, I love all things textural when it comes to paint or plaster so I'll be sure to check out their next demo, thanks! Looking forward to seeing if you list the painting you're doing, your work is awesome!

    BTW, found your blog from Etsy Team Arizona :-)