Sunday, December 18, 2011

Art supply drive

We are taking art supply donations thru January to help out a local charity called free arts of Arizona. They help kids in crisis centers and shelters and teach them ways to express themselves thru painting, writing, dancing. Check out their wish list on their website. They need scissors, constructions paper, glue, paint brushes. You can drop off donations at our booth at the Gilbert art walk on Friday or the Mesa Art Walk on the 2nd Friday in January. Thanks!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011


In our Christmas spirit we are doing a code word discount.... all you have to do is name Santa's 9 reindeer.

 Next Friday, December 9th, is the Mesa Art Walk. Come down and check out the booths and finish up some last minute know you probably forgot someone.

Tell us all 9 reindeer at the booth and you will receive a buy one, get one half off deal, not too bad right?

We will also be doing this at the Gilbert Art Walk on December 23rd. See you then,

'Tis the Season....

The holidays are here!
As you prep your tree and bake the goodies, it is also a time to think about the less fortunate. Numerous people go with out around the holidays, but even the smallest donation makes a difference. One foundation we love here at GC is Toys for Tots. You can drop off a toy for a child and know that you will brightening someone's Christmas.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


If you don't have anything exciting planned for this Friday, it is November’s First Friday in Phoenix. First Friday is organized by Artlink, a nonprofit organization. More than 100 participants in the art walk and are situated from Indian School Road to Buchanan Street, from 12th Street to 17th Avenue. A free shuttle does go around to most of the spaces. Come hang out and check out some local artist from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Plus it's FREE! (you can't beat that)
You can check out the official site and down load a map of all the festivities HERE!

I don't usual participate in First Friday, but I am helping out another local artist and friend with his booth (Inquire, RIGHT HERE.)  

~Hope to see some of you there. Don't be shy and come say hi :)

Lastest Creation...

12"x46" Canvas Bottom half

12"x46" Canvas top half

Skull, made of fiber paste.

Used interference violet paint to create disappearing swirls.

Picture of the bottle, if anyone wants to try it out. Really cool stuff.
Most of the products I used on this painting came from this company, check out the stuff and all the awesome products they have!

~Get Creatin'!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

upcoming stuff for November

NOVEMBER will be a busy month!

  I get to do First Friday (Nov. 4th) in Phoenix.  I am helping a friend with his booth since he will be out of town so I will get to have my stuff on his table......Then that Sunday is the 1st Sunday Art Market behind SunDust Gallery.
I will do the 2nd Friday Mesa Art Walk
and don't forget on the 19th and 20th is the Gallery's 2-day festival - I will have lots of stuff to sell.
so come check out all of the booths.  My friends Woodsy Widgets and CCJ Glass will be there!

I will be missing the  Chandler Art walk on 3rd Friday to get ready for the 2 day show but I will be at the Gilbert Art Walk on 4th Friday!
Thank you to everyone that comes out and says hi.
It is important to support your local artists even if you just buy something little - it keeps them creating more super cool stuff.

Saturday Afternoon

OK so this past Saturday I went to a Golden Products Demo in Phoenix.....It was actually pretty cool.  The instructor was really fun, as she was talking about different products she would smear them on a clip board and pass it around with a pallet knife so you could see the different textures.  I wanted to go because I use alot of the mediums in my 3 D paintings.   I like that she went over the different properties and why they act the way they do.  It wasn't just here's what we offer so now go buy it.   I have to admit there was one paint that just blew me away.....interferon violet!    you can use it by itself or mix it with another color and you tilt the painting one way and you don't notice it but you tilt it the other way and BAM there it is!   this bright violet.   I had to buy some.     when the demo was over they gave out some really nice sample bags.   there were two texture mediums that I actually wanted to try but was hesitant to buy them.  I wasn't sure if they would give the dimension I like.   so of course over the weekend I started a new Dia De Los Muertos painting with my new blue paint and fiber paste.   I am happy with how it is working.  I will have the painting for sale on Friday at the Gilbert Art Walk.    Over all I think the videos that I watched on their website were really good but would highly recommend going to one of the demos.  there is nothing like seeing it all in person.

Monday, October 10, 2011

SunDust Gallery

 I will have my first painting on display at the SunDust Gallery in Mesa on Friday!!!!!

My first exhibit

I just entered my first exhibit.  It is the Monster Menagerie at the Alwun House!   The exhibit is running thru the month of October.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Charity Raffle for October's Gilbert Art Walk

Stop by the Charity of the Month table at the Gilbert Art Walk in October.
One of my paintings will be the prize for the raffle.
The First Sunday Art Market is only a few days away!
Come check out the artists.  They will be in the parking lot behind the SunDust Gallery.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gilbert Art Walk begins Friday

Gilbert Art Walk begins Friday

Upcoming Shows

First Sunday Art Market
October 2nd from Noon to 4. Behind the SunDust Gallery on Main St. in Mesa.

Mesa Art Walk
October 14th from 6-10pm.

Chandler Art Walk
October 21st from 6-10pm.

Gilbert Art Walk
October 28th from 6-10pm.

© Flower Girl

© Smiles

© Lady in Blue

© Rock N' Roll Skelly

© Pin-Up Girl

© Pink Lotus

© Watch Out..She Bites

© Stand-Up Bass Skelly

© Sugar Skull
© The Dancer

© Rock N' Roll Drummer
© Belly Up to the Bar

Had a great show at Gilbert Art Walk.

Friday was the first Gilbert art walk and it was a great success. Hope to see everyone out and about at the next on, which will be held October 28th at Water Tower Park.